Wednesday, September 24, 2008

NFL Picks - Week 4

The third week of the NFL regular season was not a happy one for me, except for the Chargers win. I was 9-7 picking winners (29-18 on the year), while Las Vegas was 12-4 picking winners (32-14-1 on the year).

Here are my picks for Week 4 (Las Vegas odds in () ):

Sunday, 28 September:

San Diego (1-2) (-7.5) at Oakland (1-2): San Diego by 10
Denver (3-0) (-9) at Kansas City (0-3): Denver by 14
Cleveland (0-3) (+3.5) at Cincinnati (0-3): Cleveland by 3
Houston (0-2) (+7.5) at Jacksonville (1-2): Jacksonville by 10
Arizona (2-1) (+2.5) at New York Jets (1-2): New York Jets by 7
San Francisco (2-1) (+6.5) at New Orleans (1-2): New Orleans by 3
Atlanta (2-1) (+7) at Carolina (2-1): Atlanta by 3
Minnesota (1-2) (+3) at Tennessee (3-0): Minnesota by 3
Green Bay (2-1) (+1.5) at Tampa Bay (2-1): Green Bay by 3
Buffalo (3-0) (-8) at St. Louis (0-3): Buffalo by 6
Washington (2-1) (+11.5) at Dallas (3-0): Dallas by 4
Philadelphia (2-1) (-3) at Chicago (1-2): Philadelphia by 3

MONDAY, 29 September:

Baltimore (2-0) (+3) at Pittsburgh (2-1): Baltimore by 3

BYES: NY Giants, Seattle, Detroit, Indianapolis, New England, Miami.

The home team is favored by Las Vegas in 10 of 13 games.

My Chargers played great on offense throughout the Jets game, racking up 41 points in a 48-29 win (the defense scored one TD, and set up the offense for two more). The defense played well until the 4th quarter, when they gave up three scoring drives but stopped the Jets on two occasions. Special teams really sucked - with an onside kick recovery and three long kickoff returns by the Jets to set up short drives.

The Chargers face the Raiders on Sunday. The Raiders are improved over last year, but cannot pass consistently. They do run well, and the Bolts' defense might be in for a long day if they can't stop the run. Being the optimist I usually am, I think it will be Chargers 34-24.

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Melissa Barker said...

Randy, I can't believe you have Tennessee losing to Minnisota. I can tell that as long as Kerry Collins is the quarterback for Tennessee, we will continue to win!! We have not been 3-0 since 1999, that year we went to the superbowl. We will beat Minnisota.
Just had to drop my 2 cents worth in!!

Melissa Barker
Tennessee Titans Fan!