Tuesday, July 17, 2007

LoLo's on her summer vacation

LoLo came for a visit on Sunday, and is staying until next Sunday. Her mom and dad have things to do and places to see, so LoLo gets a week of summer vacation in cool Chula Vista with Grandma and Grandpa. Oh boy!

FYI, LoLo is now 2-1/2, is cute as the dickens, and is talking up a storm. We don't understand much of it, but we do get the "love you," "mine," "cookies!" and "Go Padres" part of her babble. She is a real sweetheart.

On Monday, LoLo went with Grandpa to the library and dazzled the genealogy meeting with her vocabulary. One of the guys made balloon hats for her while Grandpa taught a class. When Grandma came to get her, she didn't want to go. But Grandma insisted, and they went off to Grandma's reading session with toddlers. LoLo really like that!

They were done at 11:15 AM, so Grandma took LoLo to her new favorite restaurant - Rubio's - for fish tacos, salsa, chips, etc. She really likes that stuff. Then they went to church for the quilting group. After entertaining them for about 10 minutes, she went home with Grandpa and went down for a nap. Grandpa had a bowl of soup, then had his nap!

We left around 4:30 PM to go to the Padres game. We stopped at El Pollo Loco for dinner - LoLo loved the tortilla with butter and the corn on the cob, but turned her nose up at Mac and cheese and the chicken. We rode the trolley to downtown SD and she really liked watching the world go by and looking at the interesting people riding on the trolley. We got inside Petco Park, and Grandma took her to visit friends.

I think the highlight of the evening for LoLo was the ice cream sundae she shared with Grandpa and the cone she shared with Grandma.

As you can see, LoLo wore her new Padres shirt to the game, and really enjoyed the cheering, the lights and all of the people waving at her and making faces at her. Along about the 5th inning, one of the characters came by and gave LoLo a high-five and a soft Padres ball which she clutched the rest of the night. An usher friend came by with a soft whale doll for her and now she had two things to clutch. Grandma got her in her PJs before we left for home.

We left after 7 innings with the Padres ahead (they won, 5-1) and headed for the trolley to beat the rush after the game. She stayed awake on the ride home, but was pretty quiet. When we got home, I read a book to her and put her to bed around 10:15. She went down without a peep.

She is really a good sleeper. She woke up this morning at 8 AM - just in time to watch her favorite show, "Little Einsteins."

So Day 1 of vacation is over - I hope she remembers it, because we sure will!

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