Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Ridiculous Laws

Neal Boortz has a nice list today of ridiculous laws passed by governments. They include:

Here's a look at Britain's most ridiculous laws:

** It is illegal to die in the Houses of Parliament
** It is an act of treason to place a postage stamp bearing the British king or queen's image upside-down
** It is illegal for a woman to be topless in Liverpool except as a clerk in a tropical fish store
** Eating mince pies on Christmas Day is banned
** If someone knocks on your door in Scotland and asks to use your toilet, you are required to let them enter
** In the UK a pregnant woman can legally relieve herself anywhere she wants, including in a policeman's helmet
** The head of any dead whale found on the British coast automatically becomes the property of the King, and the tail of the Queen
** It is illegal not to tell the tax man anything you do not want him to know, but legal not to tell him information you do not mind him knowing
** It is illegal to enter the Houses of Parliament wearing a suit of armor
** It is legal to murder a Scotsman within the ancient city walls of York, but only if he is carrying a bow and arrow.

And the British also took the time to vote on their favorite asinine laws from other countries. I am proud to say that the US had 4 out of the 9 laws.

** In Ohio, it is illegal to get a fish drunk
** In Indonesia, the penalty for masturbation is decapitation. (Which head?)
** A male doctor in Bahrain can only examine the genitals of a woman in the reflection of a mirror
** In Switzerland, a man may not relieve himself standing up after 10pm. I think this has something to do with leaving the seat up.
** It is illegal to be blindfolded while driving a vehicle in Alabama
** In Florida, unmarried women who parachute on a Sunday could be jailed
** Women in Vermont must obtain written permission from their husbands to wear false teeth
** In Milan, it is a legal requirement to smile at all times, except during funerals or hospital visits
** In France, it is illegal to name a pig Napoleon

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