Friday, February 01, 2008

Super Bowl Predictions

The big game is almost here, and I have my fearless football forecast - the weather in the University of Phoenix Stadium will be wonderful!

Oh - the Patriots and the Giants are playing a football game on Sunday. The Patriots are trying to be the first team to be perfect in 19 games in a season, and the Giants hope to knock them off their pedestal. Patriots Junior Seau and Randy Moss want their first Super Bowl winners rings too.

The Patriots are favored by 12 points in this game, and 53 is the over-under (which implies a score of 32.5-20.5). The Giants lost 38-35 in the last minutes in the 16th game of the season at New York. The Giants have an excellent run defense and pass rush, while the Pats have an excellent short and long pass offense and a good red-zone defense. I think that this game may be a relatively low scoring game.

I'm going to guess a score of 27-20 Patriots in a well-played and suspenseful Super Bowl 42. Sorry - XLII.

If the game is no good, the commercials are always fun and interesting.

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