Monday, January 02, 2017

Best of My Weekend Reading - 2 January 2017

Here are some news and opinion articles for my readers from the past weekend:

*  Witchcraft by Richard Fernandez on the Belmont Club blog.

*  100% Of US Warming Is Due To NOAA Data Tampering by Tony Heller on The Deplorable Climate Science Blog.

*  Sean Spicer on the New Administration and the Press by Hugh Hewitt on the Hugh Hewitt blog.

*  The Obama Post-Presidential Drinking Game by Steven Hayward on the PowerLine Blog.

*  The Giant Challenger Facing SecDef Mattis by Dennis Sevakis on the American Thinker blog.

*  Top Ten Most Under Reported Stories of 2016 by sundance on The Last Refuge blog.

*  Sorry, But Our Fight Against Liberal Fascism Has Just Begun by Kurt Schlichter on the Townhall blog.

*  No, Media, the Election Wasn't 'Hacked' - Stop Saying it Was by Stephen Miller on the Heat Street blog.

*  Whole Lotta Lyin' Goin On by Scott Johnson on the PowerLine Blog.

*  The Year in Pictures:  From Brexit to Trumpit Edition by Steven Hayward on the PowerLine Blog

*  Eight Facts on the "Russian Hacks" by Sharyl Atkisson on the Sharyl Atkisson blog.

*  Absolutely Stunning – Leaked Audio of Secretary Kerry Reveals President Obama Intentionally Allowed Rise of ISIS… by sundance on The Last Refuge blog.  

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