Tuesday, March 20, 2007

It was a busy - and fun - long weekend

My daughter brought her sons - Lucas (age 3 and a half) and Logan (age 13 months) down on Thursday for a five day visit. Her husband was already in San Diego on business and all of them were delighted to see him after a week apart.

Lucas is about 110% boy - he runs everywhere (including out the front door - I can catch him within 100 feet or so), talks constantly (he's very smart and remembers well), and is mechanically minded. He rarely sits still unless he doesn't feel well. That was the case the first night - he had a fever and headache - he just wanted to sit and watch videos. The fever cleared up and he was back to normal - meaning that he was real active the rest of the weekend.

Logan is a hugger - he loves to be held and played with. He is almost walking (stands alone, but drops to the floor, walks with one hand held) and crawls really fast. The little swivel hips are fun to watch. The knees are really tough - he went out on the street with bare knees! He is a great eater and loves to share his food, and yours too.

We went to the Model Train Museum in Balboa Park on Friday and the boys loved watching the models run on the tracks, past the towns, over the bridges and through the tunnels. We spent about 90 minutes there, bought some toy train engines, and had lunch at the Space Theater. On Saturday, they all went to Sea World for the day, and on Sunday they met some friends at the beach, but ended up at Chucky Cheese. They went back to Sea World on Monday and met friends there. On Monday night, another of my daughter's friends came for dinner and enjoyed the boys.

Linda and I kept the boys overnight on Saturday night, giving their parents a real night out. We always dread this, but it almost always turns out OK. When their parents left, they cried for about 10 minutes, then became interested in other things. Before bedtime, Lucas went in with Grandma to read books and play games on the bed. They had so much fun together - it was a wonderful bonding experience for both of them. By 10 PM, they turned the lights out and Lucas went right to sleep in my bed next to Linda. I put Logan down about 8:30 in the "couch room" with the queen mattress on the floor, but he awoke about 10 PM again. I got him right back down - lying down with him lying on my elbow and rubbing his back. I went into the kids bedroom and slept until 1 AM when Logan woke up again. It took an hour to get him back down, and I spent the rest of the night in bed with him. 6 o'clock was too early to wake up!

The morning routine is interesting. Lucas always wants frozen dollar pancakes for breakfast right away, and Logan will eat one but prefers berries and juice. Neither one wants to share my banana any more, but they love "Grandpa's cereal" - Rice Krispies with milk and sugar. I went through two bowls of it with three mouths slurping it up - Lucas on my right arm and Logan standing in front of me. They usually watch the Disney channel - and love the wiggles, Mickey Mouse, Little Einsteins and the rest.

Lucas is really good on the computer. We go to the Sesame Street workshop web site and he plays the games by himself - he mouses well and responds well to commands. He also likes to take pictures of his hand on the scanner for some reason. He drooled on it too, and I need to clean it up.

I took them all to the airport this morning and they flew home. I came home and put all the toys away, took out the trash, got the sheets off the beds and the mattress back on the sofabed. My daughter cleans up pretty well - the bedroom and bathroom are in good shape. I need to swifter the wood floors to get the grunge out.

We had not seen the boys since Christmas, and that is too long. We hope to go up to visit them in early May for their parents' birthdays and Mother's Day.

The memories are fresh, the house is quiet, and we're going to take a long nap this afternoon to try to recover from our latest grandparenting experience.

We are off on Wednesday to my other daughter's house to see Lauren for a few days. A grandparents job is never done, and that's the way I like it.

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