Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Lauren is still very cute

We were away last weekend to visit 2-year old Lauren and her parents up in Victorville. We drove up on Wednesday and met Lauren and her mom at Ontario Mills, a big shopping center. After some shopping (I bought 3 books) we had dinner at the Rain Forest Cafe - they have animated animals and birds along the walls that occasionally come "alive" - Lauren loves to watch this, but not get too close. When the cheetah snarled, she jumped.

The next day we went to the mall in Victorville, and we met Abby and her mom there for a play date. The mall has a nice play area for toddlers to climb on and jump from, and run around, and the girls had fun. Then we had lujnch - Lauren likes the Mongolian Beef barbecue - I went for the pizza. The highlight was the chocolate chip blizzard from Dairy Queen - Lauren shared mine and loved it. It's called bonding...

When Lauren's mom had to go to a class, we took Lauren to the park - there are slides and a lake there. She had a blast climbing and sliding, and we had to go to lunch afterwards at In-n-Out. Lolo shared my cheeseburger, fries and chocolate shake (remember...bonding!).

Lauren is just starting to name things and string words together. She calls me "ba-ba" now - hopefully that will improve to "grand-pa" sometime soon, but "ba-ba" is OK with me. It was fun teaching her "milk shake," "blizzard," and "chocolate."

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