Friday, April 20, 2007

Surfing and sex

Mary's husband woke up Sunday morning and told his wife he was going to give a sermon about surfing. "You know, it's like life. You get too far out on the edge of the board and suddenly you're drowning"

Mary tells hubby "You don't know a thing about surfing, I'm gonna skip this morning's service."

"Suit yourself" said hubby as he left for the church, but on his way over he thinks over what his wife said and he decides to give a sermon on the beauty of sex (when enjoyed within the sanctity of marriage).

Later that evening, as Mary makes her way to the church for evening service, she is stopped by a couple of little old ladies of the church.

Your Husband's sermon was so wonderful this morning. He certainly knew what he was talking about.

Mary, surprised, said. He really doesn't know anything about it. He's only tried it twice, once before we were married and once after and he fell off both times.

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