Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Jury Duty

Life has slowed down this week for me - I was called for Jury Duty.

The local courts have a "one trial or one day" system. You go down to the courthouse on one day, and if you are not picked for a jury on that day, your service is finished. If you are picked for a jury, then you serve to the end of that trial.

I was picked for a trial, so I am currently serving on the jury. I cannot talk about it - yet. Maybe I'll post some details of the trial when it's over and the jurors can discuss it.

There are 14 of us in the same situation - so we kind of band together at the breaks for small talk, but we can't talk about the trial. I eat lunch in the courthouse cafeteria - it is really good and the price is very reasonable. I had a chicken thigh with rice and vegetables today for $5.99. All of the other jurors go out to eat or go home.

I'm going to miss the Padres games the next two days - they play in the morning on Thursday in Tampa and on Friday in Chicago. Oh well!

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