Wednesday, June 06, 2007

San Diego is #8?

Fox sports has an article about the Top 10 Cities with the longest suffering sports championship drought. San Diego is listed as #8.

The Top 10 are:

1. Buffalo (won 1964 and 1965 AFL championship)

2. Cleveland (won 1964 NFL Championship)

3. Seattle (no champs in major sports)

4. Philadelphia (76ers won in 1983 in NBA)

5. Milwaukee (Bucks won NBA in 1971)

6. Minneapolis/St. Paul (Twins won in 1991)

7. Cincinnati (Reds won MLB in 1976 and 1990)

8. San Diego (Chargers won AFL in 1963)

9. Kansas City (Royals won MLB in 1989, Chiefs won NFL in 1969)

10. New Orleans (won nada in major sports)

It seems to me the list should be Seattle, New Orleans, San Diego, Cleveland, Buffalo, Milwaukee, Cincinnati, Philadelphia, Kansas City, Twin Cities.

We long-suffering Chargers/Padres fans know how bad it has been over the last 47 years. We thought we had an NFL champ this year and the defense let us down. The Pads have knocked on the door several times now, but can't break through. Hope does spring eternal here.

At least we don't have the dark, snow, cold, ice, sleet, rain, etc. that the northern cities do.

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