Thursday, August 16, 2007

Aloha from Maui - Post 5

On Monday, we had a leisurely morning, then went out driving to the Iao Valley near Wailuku on Maui. This is essentially in a rain forest, with tall and steep mountains, fresh water streams, lots of flowers and trees, etc. There is a bridge over the stream in the park and 4 guys were jumping off the bridge into the pool about 30 feet below - for money. We stopped at the nature center for a few minutes.

This view shows the bridge and the valley above the bridge.

The second picture shows the valley below and downstream of the bridge.

The third photo shows one of the jumpers in action. Linda is on the bridge watching.

Then we went to lunch at Ruby's Diner in Wailuku, and headed back to the condo for naps, Linda's pool time, and my blogging time.

On Monday night and Tuesday morning, the wave action outside the condo strengthened due to the approach of Hurricane Flossie about 500 miles to the southeast. The calm small waves on our beach became 2-foot breakers with a lot more action.

We do have more photos in the underwater camera and I may post some after we get them developed.

We awoke Tuesday morning and packed up for our 2 PM flight back to San Diego. We had to return the snorkel gear and gas up the car, and get it back to the rental agency in Kahului before 11:30. We had to wait in long lines for boarding passes and airport security, then had lunch at the airport sandwich counter before going to the gate. The flight was late arriving due to headwinds, and we left about 30 minutes late. Our seats were an aisle (Linda) and center (Randy) in row 13 so it was not a comfortable flight for us. Fortunately, there were tail winds and we arrived in San Diego on time.

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