Monday, August 06, 2007

Exhilarausted Again

Our daughter brought her boys, Lucas (almost 4) and Logan (almost 18 months) down for a long weekend - Wednesday to Monday. Her husband came on Saturday. It was a busy weekend - the boys are very active. We saw a lot of the Plane-Train-Bus DVD and hours of Disney TV!

On Thursday, I took Lucas to the Aerospace Museum and the Miniature Railway Museum in Balboa Park. He loved all of the airplanes, especially the small home-builts that he could sit in and pretend he was flying. At the railway museum, he was captivated by all the train cars and bridges and towns. We ate at the museum. While we were doing this, Linda took Lori and Logan to the Padres game.

On Friday, Lori took the boys to Sea World. They came home for naps in the afternoon, and Lori had a girls night out with her good friends in Carlsbad. The boys were really good for us! They love playing in the plastic wading pool.

On Saturday, Lori got home at noon and Michael came at 4 PM. The boys played in the small plastic pool a lot, and had naps before we all went to the Padres game and saw Barry Bonds' 755th home run.

Sunday was a lazy morning due to the 12 inning ballgame, and they all went off to Sea World for the afternoon, while I stayed home and watched the Padres game. In the evening, Lori and Michael went back to Sea World for a date night, and we fed the boys, bathed them and put them to bed. They were both up pretty late.

Monday was their last day with us - and Lori's family went to the beach while Linda and I went to the library. After the boys napped, I took them down to the airport for a 4:50 PM flight.

Whew. We're pooped of course - exhilarausted I call it - exhilarated and exhausted.

Off to Maui! Hooray!

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