Thursday, October 25, 2007

My two favorite little boys

We went up to visit Lori and her two boys, Lucas (age 4) and Logan (age 1-1/2) in early September, and then I went up for 5 days in early October.

This is a great picture of Logan - he is a big boy and loves to spend time with his grandpa. He's a really good eater, but doesn't sleep the night. On the other hand, he's almost potty trained!

Lori took the boys to the Blue Angels Air Show in Salinas at the end of September. The boys got two airplane toys there - Blue Angels, of course. They also got a show program that provides descriptions of airplane maneuvers, and I worked with Lucas to help him understand how airplanes fly and maneuver.

The boys are a handful, with definite personalities and likes and dislikes. What matters to me is that they like their grandpa...and the feeling is mutual!

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