Tuesday, October 02, 2007

NFL Picks - Week 5

Week 4 was a terrible week for Favorites, and I compounded it by picking the wrong underdogs.

I was 5-9 in Week 4 picking winners, which makes me 34-28 on the season. My abject loyalty to the Chargers doesn't help, of course.

My favorite team managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory again. After leading 16-6 at the half, the KC Chiefs scored 24 unanswered points. The offense was better and the defense actually stopped the Chiefs in the first half. In the second half, the Chiefs stuffed the Bolts running game, rushed Philip Rivers who made two bad mistakes, and the Chiefs wore down the pass defense with quick passes and then Larry Johnson. Bad game, bad result. For the "best team in the league" this was a terrible game. They really need to win 5 straight now to get their mojo back. Can they? Frankly, I doubt it. I think the coaching staff sucks. The offense is too predictable and the defense is too mellow.

In the hope that the Bolts will win just to spite me, I'm going to predict the game will be Denver 27, Chargers 17.

Here are my week 5 picks (winners, home team denoted with an H):

Denver (2-2) (H) over San Diego (1-3)
New Orleans (0-3) (H) over Carolina (2-2)
Kansas City (2-2) (H) over Jacksonville (2-1)
Detroit (3-1) over Washington (2-1) (H)
Tennessee (2-1) (H) over Atlanta (1-3)
Houston (2-2) (H) over Miami (0-4)
Pittsburgh (3-1) (H) over Seattle (3-1)
New England (4-0) (H) over Cleveland (2-2)
Arizona (2-2) over St. Louis (0-4) (H)
N.Y. Jets (1-3) over N.Y. Giants (2-2) (H)
Indianapolis (4-0) (H) over Tampa Bay (3-1)
Baltimore (2-2) over San Francisco (2-2) (H)
Green Bay (4-0) (H) over Chicago (1-3)
Dallas (4-0) over Buffalo (1-3) (H)

Not playing are Cincinnati (1-3), Oakland (2-2), Philadelphia (1-3) and Minnesota (1-3).

My Top 10 Power Ratings after 4 weeks are:

1. New England (4-0)
2. Indianapolis (4-0)
3. Green Bay (4-0)
4. Dallas (4-0)
5. Pittsburgh (3-1)
6. Tampa Bay (3-1)
7. Seattle (3-1)
8. Jacksonville (2-1)
9. Detroit (3-1)
10. Denver (2-2)

Go Chargers!!! please???

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