Thursday, September 04, 2008

NFL Week 1 Picks

The NFL regular season starts this weekend, and I'm going to try to pick winners again this year. This didn't work out too well last year - I was 154-102 in the regular season - only 60.2% picking winners.

Here are my picks for Week 1 (Las Vegas odds in () ):

Thursday, September 4th

Washington (+4) at New York Giants - NY Giants by 13

Sunday, September 7th

Detroit (+1) at Atlanta - Detroit by 6
Cincinnati (-1) at Baltimore - Baltimore by 7
Seattle (Pk) at Buffalo - Buffalo by 3
New York Jets (-2.5) at Miami - NY Jets by 3
Kansas City (off) at New England - Patriots by 30
Tampa Bay (+3) at New Orleans - New Orleans by 7
St. Louis (+7) at Philadelphia - Philadelphia by 9
Houston (+7) at Pittsburgh - Pittsburgh by 6
Jacksonville (-3) at Tennessee - Jacksonville by 3
Dallas (-3) at Cleveland - Cleveland by 3
Carolina (+9.5) at San Diego - San Diego by 10
Arizona (-2.5) at San Francisco - Arizona by 6
Chicago (+9.5) at Indianapolis - Chicago by 3

Monday, September 8th

Minnesota (+3) at Green Bay - Minnesota by 3
Denver (-1) at Oakland - Oakland by 3

Game on!

My San Diego Chargers (I'm a 48th year fan...) are supposed to go all the way. The San Diego Union today writer thought they would win the AFC West and go 12-4 in the regular season. I'm always a pessimist with the Chargers. Right now, injuries to Marcus McNeill, Jamal Williams, Shawne Merriman and Antonio Gates - all Pro Bowl players - threaten the offensive and defensive schemes. A critical injury to Tomlinson or Rivers would likely cripple the team for the season.

My Chargers prediction - San Diego 27, Carolina 17. It won't be easy this week.

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