Wednesday, September 12, 2007

NFL Week 2 - predictions

I was 11-5 picking winners in Week 1.

The Chargers beat Chicago 14-3 in a defensive struggle. The Bears took away the Chargers running game, and the Chargers shut down the Bears offense. If not for turnovers, it might have been a scoreless tie. The Bolts suffered only three minor injuries and should be good to go on Sunday.

My Chargers face a tough foe this week back in New England (Sunday evening, 5:15 PM PDT) - the Patriots beat the Bolts in January 24-21 in a playoff game, and the game is fresh in my memory...we essentially gave it away with stupid mistakes. The Chargers have added a few weapons since then, but the Pats have replaced all of their wide receivers.

My prediction for the game is Chargers 20, Patriots 17.

My picks for Week 2 are:

Pittsburgh (H) over Buffalo
Cincinnati over Cleveland (H)
Indianapolis over Tennessee (H)
Carolina (H) over Houston
San Francisco over St. Louis (H)
Green Bay over NY Giants (H)
Jacksonville (H) over Atlanta
New Orleans over Tampa Bay (H)
Detroit (H) over Minnesota
Dallas over Miami (H)
Seattle over Arizona (H)
Baltimore (H) over NY Jets
Denver (H) over Oakland
Chicago (H) over Kansas City
San Diego over New England (H) - Sunday night
Philadelphia (H) over Washington - Monday night

I'll update with results after the weekend.

I'm not the world's best NFL prognosticator, am I? The only games I went against the betting line were Chargers over New England (wrong, an emotional choice) and I picked SF over St. Louis (I got that right). 11 home teams won.

For week 2, I got 10 winners right and 6 wrong. So did the betting line - just picking winners. After two weeks, I'm 21-13 picking winners. Oh well.

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