Wednesday, September 20, 2006

First Place Padres 150 game report

Due to my extended vacations, I haven't produced a Padres update for a month.

After 150 games, the Padres are in first place in the NL West with a 79 win, 71 loss record (39-37 at home, 40-34 on road). The team ERA is #1 in the NL (3.93) but the team batting average (0.262), runs scored (678) and homers hit (151) are in the 11th to 14th place range.

Since my last report at 120 games, the Padres have won 19, lost 11 (11-3 at home, 8-8 on road). They have scored 146 runs in the last 30 games, and given up only 106.

The scores over the last 30 games were:

4-8 SF Peavy started
8-2 Ariz Williams started
3-5 Ariz Thompson started
2-1 Ariz Young started
4-2 LA Stauffer started
1-0 LA Peavy started
7-2 LA Williams started
5-13 @Colo Thompson started
5-2 @Colo Young started
3-6 @Colo Peavy started

4-7 @Ariz Williams started
8-3 @Ariz Thompson started
4-1 @Ariz Young started
2-6 Cin Hensley started
7-1 Cin Peavy started
2-1 Cin Wells started
7-5 Colo Williams started
5-4 Colo Young started
2-0 Colo Peavy started
0-4 @SF Hensley started

4-5 @SF Wells started
10-2 @SF Williams started
4-5 @Cin Young started
10-0 @Cin Peavy started
4-2 @Cin Hensley started
1-3 @LA Wells started
11-2 @LA Williams started
2-1 @LA Young started
10-11 (10) @LA Peavy started
5-2 Ariz Hensley started

That's the past - now for the future. My Pads are well placed to go to the NL playoffs - either as the NL West champ or as the wild card (lead Philly by 1-1/2 games). I still think that it will take 87 wins to ensure a playoff spot. That is attainable - in the last 12 games, we need 8 wins against Snakes (6 games), Pirates (3 games) and Cards (3 games). We just need to win each series to get there.

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