Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Lucas and Logan photos

We visited grandsons Lucas and Logan two weeks ago and had a wonderful time. Lucas just turned 3 and is really active - he jumps all over and off of the furniture and runs everywhere - we got him a tumbling mat for his birthday.

Logan is 7 months old and is almost crawling - he can't get his belly off the floor yet. He's a very happy and good-natured baby.

Here are some pictures:

Logan and Grandpa had a great time talking about genealogy:

Logan loves to play in his jump seat - he's building up his leg strength.

Logan loves to play with Grandma Linda. She sings to him and tickles him.

Lucas is hard to get to sit still - Grandma loves to read books and rub noses with him. Here they are trying to put a kite together.

Lucas took Grandpa on the steam engine train at Roaring Camp - we had a fun time.

Lucas loves his mommy, although it's hard to catch him. Here he's gone Hollywood.

Lucas and Grandpa enjoy "working" on the computer, building things and throwing rocks in the river.

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