Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Return to Santa Cruz - Days 1 and 2

I flew to San Jose on Tuesday from San Diego. Lori and the boys picked me up at the airport right at 11 a.m. and we stopped at the park on the west side of the airport and watched planes take off and land. The boys enjoy this. We had lunch at a Carl's Jr. in Los Gatos - Lucas was very tired and fussed the whole time, except when he was climbing on the play equipment. Logan learned to go up and down a slanted rope ladder. They both slept a bit in the car, and we got to their house by 1 p.m. Lori and Logan slept some, but Lucas didn't. We left at 3:15 to go to swimming lessons and Lucas fussed more and didn't go in the water. Logan did and had a ball - he does really well, but still needs support. We came home and then went back out to the store for food for dinner. Dinner time was a major hassle - neither boy ate much. We played a bit, they had their bath, I read books to both boys, and they went to bed. Lori did her board work and I read, after doing the dishes.

I sleep on the living room couch hide-a-bed, so at 6 in the morning I hear the little feet on the floor, look up and see Logan going for the back door. It was locked, but I grabbed him and sat with him for an hour, then we watched the Disney channel. Lucas got up at 8, we all had breakfast, and left before 9 to get Lucas to his pre-school. We came home, I played with Logan a bit, and then at 11 we left again for Logan's music "lesson" - a sing-a-long and playing musical instruments. He had fun, but didn't do much more than watch and dance a bit. Then it was home for lunch - quesadilla and carrots. We all took long naps - I had Mira the wonder cat on my chest the whole 2 hours. Lucas got a ride home from school at 3:30, and we went out back to play baseball. He swings pretty good when his timing is right. He's also learning to field and throw - his throws are short but pretty accurate. Then we rough-housed for about an hour - until I was tired out! Lori got dinner going, and Darcy came to help with the boys. They ate everything on their plate, then had strawberries for dessert. No fuss, no muss. We played some card games, and then they had theirs baths. We watched a JayJay cartoon (talking airplanes) and Lucas fell asleep in my arms. Logan went down quietly too. That gave me a chance to get on the computer and read my email, write some blog posts, and I'll go read my book later.

Tomorrow is the day that Luke has his dental work done. We have to leave at 6:15 a.m. Darcy is coming to take Logan to school.

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