Friday, March 21, 2008

Santa Cruz - Days 3 and 4

The main reason for this trip was that Lucas was having significant dental work done under anesthesia on Thursday and Lori wanted my help with him and Logan. We were up early - before 6 - and on the road by 6:15 a.m. Lucas cried the whole way - scared, hungry, thirsty, tired before he got there. The doctors were good - came out and talked to us, and to Luke, before giving him an anesthetic and taking him back for the work. After about 90 minutes, we went back and he was still unconscious. My heart went out to this poor little guy as the doctors told us what they did and what was going to happen when he came out of the anesthetic. Lori held him and talked to him as he gradually came awake. He moaned a bit but wasn't in any pain. After an hour, we took him home. I ran to the store to get ice cream and cones and when I got back he enjoyed a cone - ate the whole thing, no real problems with his teeth.

He was tired, and we all took naps. Lori brought Logan home and I played with the boys a bit. We went to the store, came home and Lori's friend Joanna brought her two little ones over for dinner. The kids played, we ate dinner, Joanna took her two boys home, and Lori went off to a school meeting. Logan and Lucas and I played on the floor, we watched some TV (thank goodness for On Demand!), they had their baths and I put them to bed. They usually do what I ask them to and are cooperative.

Logan was up at 5:30 a.m. today, so I got up and we ate breakfast and watched TV. Lucas was up at 7 a.m., and Lori by 8. We got the boys ready for school, dropped Logan at 8:40, and Lucas at 9 a.m. Lori and U stopped at the coffee shop for her chai and my hot choc plus a muffin, and then we walked Annie the wonder dog in the park with tall redwoods. We came home, Lori got ready to go to school for a meeting, and I worked on the laundry, did my computer reading, and then had lunch. I took a nap (with Mira draped on my chest and shoulders), then read my book while watching USD beat UConn in the NCAA tournament. Great game. Lori came home with the boys at 3:15, and we packed up and went off to Lucas' soccer class - this is 3-4-5's running around kicking the ball. Cute. They chase really well, and some of them understand what they doing. It was fun. We went for dinner to Lori's friend who has two small children at their house, and I had fun playing inside and outside with the four of them (and the two big dogs too). We got Chinese takeout and all of the kids ate well. I played with the kids some more and got tired out (again), and we came home and the boys went down quickly without any fuss.

Tomorrow we will go to Roaring Camp and ride the steam engine train - this is a big highlight for Lucas and Logan - they never tire of it, and it's fun to see all the families with kids enjoying an old-fashioned train ride.

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