Sunday, July 02, 2006

A Fun Weekend - I'm Tired!

I'm not complaining - we had a great weekend (June 23-26) with both daughters and the three grandchildren here. Lori flew in with Lucas (33 months) and Logan (4 months) and Tami drove down with Lauren (16 months).

We all went to the Padres game on Friday night, and saw the Padres beat the Mariners 2-1 in 10 innings - a pitcher's battle supreme. We got 4 seats in the handicapped section and were able to corral the kids well. They loved watching people and eating all the goodies.

On Saturday, we went to the Zoo for several hours, saw the monkeys, elephants, rhinos, owls, and koalas before having lunch and going over to the Balboa Park miniature train.

That night, Tami went to the Padres game with her hubby, and Lori went off to see her friend, leaving Linda and I with the three kids. Logan slept well. Lauren also slept well. Lucas went down then was up and down until 11 PM. Tami and Lauren went home this night.

On Sunday, Linda and I went to church in the morning, then we all went to the Ice Cream Social at church in the afternoon. all of our friends goo-gooed over Logan and watched Lucas run and play. It was fun showing them off.


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