Saturday, July 01, 2006

My First-Place Padres - 80 Game Report Card

I've been analyzing the San Diego Padres season in 10 game blocks - the earlier posts are in the Archives of Genea-Musings.

After 80 games (the 49.4% point), My Padres stand in first place in the NL West with a 43 wins, 37 loss record. They have had their ups and downs, which has been related mainly to the offensive lack of production in long stretches, especially in April. They are 23 - 22 at home, and 20 - 15 on the road.
Games 71 to 80 looked like this:

won 3-2 at Texas (Chris Young started)
lost 3-5 at Texas (Clay Hensley started)
won 2-1 over Seattle in 10 innings (Jake Peavy started)
lost 5-9 to Seattle (Chan Ho Park started)
lost 4-9 to Seattle (Mike Thompson started)
won 3-0 over Oakland (Young started)
won 8-1 over Oakland (Hensley started)
lost 5-6 to Oakland in 14 innings (Pavy started)
won 6-5 over San Francisco (Park started)
won 7-4 over San Francisco (Thompson started)

For the week, we won 6 and lost 4, scored 46 runs and gave up 42 runs. We finished 7 and 8 against the AL West, but we were 1-5 against Seattle and 6-3 against the Angels, As and Rangers.

After 80 games, the team batting average is .257 (which is up from .253 two weeks ago); the team ERA is 3.89 (down a bit from two weeks ago). The HR gap has narrowed to 74 (Padres) 88 (opponents). It is still very much a good pitching, good field, weak hit, and average speed type of ball club.

The grades for the year:

Starting pitching: B
Relief pitching: B

Infield Defense: A-
Outfield Defense: A-

Base Running: B-
Hitting for Average: C
Hitting for Power: C-

Coaching: B

There you have it. Come back in about two weeks for the 90 game report.

Are you a Padres fan? If so, tell me about your best Padre memory or favorite ballplayer.


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